Explore the future of learning, work, and life.

McKinsey Global Institute What is the future of work?

(12 page article + 22 minute podcast)

James Martin, Oxford University The 17 great challenges of the twenty-first century

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2Revolutions The future of learning

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Andrew McAfee, MIT What will future jobs look like?

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Sir Ken Robinson Changing Education Paradigms 

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Microsoft The changing world of work

(an 8 part video series, each ~7 minutes)

Sal Khan Let's teach for mastery, not test scores

(12 minute video)

Get up to speed on learning science.

Child Mind Institute What is working memory?

(11 page article)

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

(16 minute video)

Bror Saxberg What is learning science?

(5 page article + 6 minute video)

Get familiar with the fundamentals of design.

IDEO Design a better shopping cart

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Fast Company Design thinking... What is that?

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equityXdesign Racism and inequity of products of design. They can be redesigned.

(19 page article)