Reinventing the learning experience.

The world changes quickly. Self-driving cars, 3D printing, Internet of Things, and virtual reality are... reality. Social trends go viral overnight. National movements begin with 280 characters. The jobs we trained for in school may not exist when we retire. And the jobs we're training students for today may not exist yet.  What's more, the rate of change increases every year. Even change itself changes faster than ever before. So what does all that mean for schools?  We want to figure it out. That's why we're launching a design campaign to reinvent the learning experience. And we want Tulsans to join us.

Building capacity for design.

The design experience starts and ends with the student. We want to learn their aspirations, values, passions, needs, joys, routines, frustrations and fears.  We want our families to contribute their ideas. And we want to collaborate with the community to design a learning experience that engages and prepares our students for the future. And to do that, we need to go all in. We need a community of learners, contributors, and designers.

Replicating successful models.

Throughout the design experience we'll learn things, contribute new ideas, and design solutions. But paper solutions are only perfect on paper. We're going to have to try new things in our schools... and some things will fail. But we will start small, be agile, and iterate often. And when it works, we'll scale it. That's how we innovate.